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Storsjö Vicarage is owned by Ingrid and Pekka Ronkainen. They are resident in the village since May 2014 when they moved in from Stockholm. The large Vicarage houses:

  • Storsjö Prästgård Bed & Breakfast

Visitors to the village are welcome to spend some pleasant nights upstairs in Prästgården. Good to know, for us permanent residents who get long-distance guests and need to offer them somewhere to stay. Here you can read more and book online directly

  • Ronkainen Design

Performs welding, construction, plumbing, photography, design & web production.

  • Bengt Lindström Art Shop

If you are looking for gifts related to Bengt Lindström or if you are looking for original art by Bengt, contact Storsjö Prästgård or go to the webshop and click on Art Shop in the menu.

  • Bengt Lindström Society

Non-profit association that works to organize art exhibitions, lectures and other activities to create interest and spread knowledge about the artist Bengt Lindström (born in Storsjö), his art, and how growing up in the small mountain village of Storsjö has influenced his artistry. The company’s first international show premiered in Chicago on June 28, 2019.

For booking of accommodation, visit

or contact

Ingrid mobile: 070-7568565, e-mail:

Pekka mobile: 070-9545717, e-mail:

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