Time to

Move to the mountains?

If you want to feel like your life is an eternal holiday, then you should consider a mountain move to Storsjö/Ljungdalen. A life in the mountains gives you and the family more time for each other, more time for outdoor life, as everything is so accessible, and a more engaged lifestyle.

Just like everyone else, we mountain people also have to work and provide for ourselves in our everyday life. But the difference is that in the middle of it all we can spend an afternoon after work in the glowing sun on a mountain top after a snowmobile trip, or take an evening stroll with a good friend over the mountain plateau or have our children come home from school with a big smile as they got to swim in the river or went downhill skiing during the school day. It’s quality of life and it’s here for you to experience!

"This place provides space for everyone, it’s peaceful and enables an active life style, but at the same it has all the service and comforts you need"

For those who would like to try out a life in the mountains, below you can find houses and apartments, job opportunities, suggestions for activities and a description of the services that are available. Here is everything you need to start a new life!




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