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The district nurse can be found in Storsjö, in the Fjällviolen retirement home, two days a week and a doctor is available every two weeks. You reach the district nurse at the following number: 0046 (0)687-21004

In Ljungdalen there is also IVPA (which is an emergency service that arrives to you while waiting for the ambulance) which is quickly in place if something urgent happens. They cooperate with the fire brigade as well as the police and mountain rescue. Ambulance is available in Funäsdalen and ambulance helicopter leaves from Östersund within 20 min. In Funäsdalen there is a health center and public dental care. (Https://

It is usually easy to get a time to both the health center and the public dental office in Funäsdalen. They have drop-in times that allow you to go there and get help even without booking.

The nearest hospital is in Östersund.

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