Ljungdalen school, after-school club and preschool

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Imagine a school located in the middle of nature, in the middle of the mountains, where all teachers are qualified and have plenty of time for each child. Imagine a learning environment where there is time for each child to develop based on the child’s individual level and needs.

Also imagine a school environment with modern premises where there is a music room, a crafts workshop, a sports hall and a swimming pool. There is also an island where the children can swim or barbecue at the wind shelter in the summer or go cross-country skiing in the winter.

Now imagine a preschool and after-school club where your child can be involved in deciding what to do. Where your child gets the possibility to swim in mountain lakes, go mountain climbing, go downhill skiing, build igloos, manufacture and fly kites, swim in the swimming pool, go ice skating or whatever it may be that interests your child. This is an educational environment where the teachers can develop a personal relationship with each child and help the children develop their interests.

Do you now have a picture in front of you? What you now imagine is Ljungdalen’s school, after-school club and preschool.

Would you like to offer your child such a school environment?

Contact Ljungdalen School:

+ 46 (0) 687-16470

Or send an email to the teachers and educators:

More facts about Ljungdalen School

  • The school is divided into preschool, class F-3 and class 4-6.
  • All teachers are qualified at both the preschool and the school.
  • The school meals are prepared from scratch at the school especially for the school children.
  • Sports hall and swimming pool are located in the school yard (and are available for use by the school even though they are now run privately).
  • The nature around the school offers a natural learning environment. Many excursions are made in the immediate area and the local environment around the school is used eg. for outdoor mathematics and learning in biology and physics. The school grows its own vegetables every year so that the children learn more about the growing process.
  • “Kulturskolan” (the cultural school run by the municipality) organises activities at Ljungdalen’s school. The children can play instruments from the third class and every year all children participate for a few days in a cultural school project which results in a performance to which the parents are invited.
  • The school and the preschool make many excursions with the children to offer them different cultural experiences such as theater and music performances and museum visits. Theater groups usually come to visit Ljungdalen and hold performances.
  • The school works closely with the parents and sees the parents as an important part of the school’s activities. During the year, parents are invited to several different events where teachers, pupils and parents get a chance to socialise and the children get a chance to show what they have learned.

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