If you live in Storsjö/Ljungdalen, a lot of time is spent picking the different berries and mushrooms of the seasons. Getting to pack the lunch bag, carry the berry buckets to the car and make an excursion to your special “berry spot” is an amazing experience, especially when you have the mountain world around you all the time! The kids love to come along, as you do not have to walk long distances to find raspberries, blueberries and lingonberries.

First we have summer, when you can find the “gold” of the mountains, the wonderful cloudberries. This is a berry that is loved by many. It’s a delicacy, but is a little moody and sensitive to both early frost nights and heavy rain. Picking cloudberries is a bit like going on a treasure hunt. With a little luck, you can still pick cloudberries far into the autumn.

Blueberries are easily found when the summer has been good, but normally you can find even more lingonberries. September is the best month for lingonberry picking and they can be found all over the area.

Mushrooms, and especially the chanterelles are always hiding in great numbers up in the mountain slopes. Other varieties, such as many different boletes and hedgehog mushrooms are also found in the area.

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