In Ljungdalen there are two separate downhill skiing facilities. 

In the middle of the village you find Dunsjöliften. This facility has a three-seat lift, nine slopes (of which the longest is 2 400 m), a ski rental shop and restaurant (Tuvan kitchen and bar). The children’s slope and lift are free of charge. During all school holidays, you can sign your child up for a skiing course. There are slopes to suit everyone, from blue to black, and the view from the top station is magical.

Up on the mountain, above the tree line, at Torkilstöten there is a mountain ski-lift in the form of an anchor lift with old-fashioned charm, Fjälliften. Here you can go off-piste skiing or ski on-piste in a family friendly slope. When the sun is shining, it is wonderful to dig a snow-couch next to the slope, eat some lunch and take a nice break.

The opportunity for varied slalom skiing is also obtained by making day trips to Funäsfjällen. Within a one hour drive you reach six different ski areas: Tänndalen, Tänndalsvallen, Ramundberget, Funäsdalsberget, Tännäskröket and Kappruet. As a resident in Storsjö/Ljungdalen, you get a “village price” on the season tickets for this massive skiing-system. You can try a new resort every weekend. The trip over to the other side also goes over Flatruet, the highest public road in Sweden, where you drive in the middle of the mountain massif, which is an experience just in itself.

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