Storsjö/Ljungdalen is a snowmobile paradise! Here are endless trails to ride. The area accessed when purchasing a snowmobile trail card is considered one of the largest in Europe with 610 km of prepared snowmobile trails. When living in Storsjö/Ljungdalen, you get a special price on the snowmobile trail card.

Living your everyday life in Storsjö / Ljungdalen means that you can take advantage of all of the season’s sunny winter days and make wonderful snow mobile excursions.

If you start in Ljungdalen, maybe you take a trip up to Helags and have a lunch at Helag’s mountain station? Or maybe you drive up to Öjön, make a fire, dig a pit, cook lunch and enjoy the sun.

If you start in Storsjö, you may drive across the lake and follow the trail towards Hede/Vemdalen. You then drive across Särvfjället and come to Orren, where there is a restaurant, which is perfect for a lunch stop. You get beautiful views as you drive to Tossåsen, over Storåsen, past Storåkläppen and Nordsätern.

You reach the mountain in no time, so imagine working on a regular Wednesday when the sun is shining. As soon as you finish your job and the kids have come home from school, you go out on a mountain trip and have an afternoon coffee (and of course some Swedish “fika”) up in the mountains.

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