Cross-country skiing is an activity that attracts many, both villagers and visitors. The trails in the mountains are well-marked and when the weather is beautiful, you can take a trip all by yourself, off the tracks, in unspoilt landscape. There is not much that compares to a ski trip in the mountains in the glowing spring sun!

The following cross-country skiing facilities are in the area:

  • Illuminated track in connection with the  Dunsjöliften down-hill skiing facility in Ljungdalen (approx. 2, 5 km)
  • Illuminated track in Storsjö at Storsjö Community Center  (2, 5 km)
  • Tracks at Torkilstöten 2, 4, 5 and 8 km
  • Ski track at Fjällhornet (at the Kläppen car parking) 4 km
  • In connection with Ljungdalen’s school there are also ski tracks that are used by the school children.

At the Torkilstötens down hill skiing facility, Ljungdalen’s GIF organises the skiing competition “Påskrännet” every Easter. It’s a family event with participants from all ages, everything from Sweden’s elite skiiers such as Anders Södergren to us ordinary exercisers.

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