A mountain hike in spring, summer or autumn is a pleasure for the whole family. If you live in the middle of the mountains, mountain hiking becomes part of your everyday life. You can make shorter hikes in the afternoon, when work and school have ended and longer hikes can be saved for the weekend.

Shorter hikes
You can make shorter hikes of just a few kilometers, for example a trip to Lillvålen in Storsjö where you get a fantastic view of the surrounding mountain world from Sonfjället to Lunndörrsfjällen and Helags.

Or take a trip to the fantastic lookout place “Knallen” on the southern mountain in Ljungdalen where you can see the whole of Ljungdalen and all the way to Storsjö. There you can make a fire at the wind shelter and cook some food before you walk down again.

You can also take the car up to Flatruet, Sweden’s highest public road, and walk on the paths around “Sweden’s roof”, and enjoy marvelous views. If you are interested in the mountain flora, Torkilstöten’s slopes are a botanical eldorado where you can find different kinds of orchids and other plants.

At the website www.storsjobor.se you will find several exciting excursion destinations with the starting point in Storsjö.

In Ljungdalen, a project is underway that marks out shorter and longer hikes and soon a detailed route map for the entire area will be published.

Hiking to Helags
Hiking to the Helags mountain is an experience for everyone to enjoy. The top trip to Helags has been considered the third best in the world by National Geographic. Helagsfjället is the highest peak south of the Arctic Circle and has Sweden’s southernmost glacier. There is a mountain station where you can book a room and spend the night and enjoy a good dinner as well as a nice shower and sauna. You can get there in one day (about 12 km) or bring your tent and make an overnight stop on the way, if the children need a break.

Longer trips
If you want to be away for several days you can take a longer trip and hike via Helags to Sylarna and Gåsen. STF (The Swedish Tourist Association) has mountain stations in all places so you can stay overnight in a cabin. You can also camp at the mountain stations, but make use of the service they offer. You may need to fill up your supplies in their shop or enjoy the shower and sauna.

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